May 6, 2016



Ron Johnson

Hometown: Chandler Arizona

Birthdate: July 12 1973

Family: Wife Michelle

Occupation: Professional Angler

Hobbies: Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Weightlifting, Anything Outdoors

Fishing Hero: Got to love KVD right now! He is the complete angler and the man to beat.

My early fishing hero’s would be: Rick Clunn, Jimmy Houston, Denny Brauer, Roland Martin. These were the guys I grew up watching on television.BioPic

Non Angling Hero: My Dad, Uncle, Brother – They all took the time to take me fishing when I was younger. This is why I highly encourage parents or anyone for that matter to take a kid fishing. What a positive and important impact the outdoors can have on a child.

Ron grew up in the Midwestern state of Wisconsin where his passion for fishing and the outdoors started when he was very young. His family had a cabin on a lake in the Northern part of the state where Ron would spend countless hours on the water learning and developing his fishing knowledge and skills.

In his teenage years Ron dedicated himself to become a very well rounded angler fishing everything from Walleye to Musky, but fishing for Bass is what he loved the most. “There is nothing more exhilarating to watch than a bass blow up on your lure as you bring it across the surface of the water…. if that doesn’t do anything for you, I doubt anything will! “

“The thought of having a career in fishing really began to set in shortly after High School when I realized that my early fishing hero’s like Rick Clunn and Denny Brauer actually did this for a living”. I couldn’t believe it… these guys got to fish and got paid for it?

Ron continued to spend every weekend and spare moment on the water competing in local derby’s and club tournaments earning small jackpots or prizes still trying to figure out his path to becoming a full time fisherman.

“I realized that there was much more to having a successful fishing career in addition to the fishing, and I struggled with the financial aspect of quitting my job to take a chance of trying to make it fishing. Even though I knew this is what I needed to do, I had to do the responsible thing and work on a career or backup plan while still trying to figure out a way to pursue my passion.

Having a successful sales career Ron began to not only develop the sales skills which came quite natural, but really started to understand what it was going to take from the business side of fishing which would later help him earn promotional respect with his sponsors.

In 2005 after relocating to Arizona Ron was finally in a position to take his fishing ability to the next level and joined The Arizona Bass Federation.

Ron earned “Rookie of the Year” in his first season, and a trip to compete in the TBF Western Divisional Championships. Over the next 3 consecutive years Ron continued to Win Tournaments, and represented Arizona in both the TBF & Bassmaster Western Divisional Championships. Working hard on and off the water helped Ron earn the respect as a great promoter and the attention of sponsors. One of the biggest challenges for most Professional Anglers in this industry are finding solid partners to help with the financial aspect that comes along with the sport.

It’s because of my sponsors that I had the privilege of taking the next step as a Professional Angler in 2009. Ron competed on the FLW Outdoors National Guard Tour where he finished 33rd in total points for his Rookie Season and qualified for the 2009 National Championship at Lake Pickwick in Florence Alabama

By 2012, Ron has improved on and off the water and now is a 12th ranked professional angler. He has gained a tremendous amount of respect within the industry by qualifying for the 2nd FLW Everstart Championship in West Monroe, Louisiana on the Ouchita River.

Ron-MichelleIn 2013, Ron suffered a severe back injury that canceled a couple tournament appearances. However Ron has completed his recovery through physical therapy and maintained his on water performance as a top rated guide for The Arizona Fishing Guides while representing his sponsors at numerous trade shows.

Even though professional angler associations have experience some major sponsorship set-backs, RJ Fishing continued to pioneer ahead with national sponsors. In 2014, Ron picked up some high profile sponsors that set the stage to build an impressive team for RJ Fishing. “Sponsors are realizing that there is so much involved off the water to a successful sponsorship” states Ron.

In 2015, Ron is committed to take his skills to the waters. With an aggressive tournament schedule planned, coupled with national appearances, this should set the stage for a banner year for his rankings and sponsors.

“Just as every professional athlete requires sponsors and commercial agents, my biggest support comes from my wife. Regardless of environmental conditions or final placement in standings, Michelle will always be there for the next tournament. But more importantly, by my side always.”


Favorite Lake: California Delta
Least Favorite Lake: Don’t have one, some lakes are just a bit more challenging
Primary Fishing Strength: Flipping/Pitching
Greatest Challenge: Catching deep suspended fish
Boat: Ranger
Motor: Mercury
Tow Vehicle: Ford F-250


4 Consecutive State Team Appearances (Arizona) 2006-2009
4 Straight Co- Angler of the Year Titles (Arizona) 2006-2009
Big Bass of Year Award TBF 2007, B.A.S.S. 2008
2006 TBF “Rookie Of Year Award”
2006 TBF Western Divisional Championship
2007 B.A.S.S Federation Western Divisional Championship
2008 B.A.S.S. Federation Western Divisional Championship
2009 B.A.S.S. Federation Western Divisional Championship
2009 TBF Western Divisional Championship
2009 FLW National Guard Series, Finish 33rd Angler of Year Points
2009 Ranked 33rd of 164 pro fisherman in the National Guard Western Division Points Standings
2009 FLW National Championship, Florence Alabama
2012 – Ranked 12th in FLW Everstart Series National Standings
2016 – 8th Place finish in BASSMASTERS at Oneida in New York